Career Services Management System (CSM)

Your contact information that’s listed in CSM is what we’ll use to communicate with you, so please remember to check CSM and maintain your contact information regardless of whether you’re seeking a work term.

Reminder: If you’re updating your contact information in CSM, don’t forget to also update it in ACORN as well (and vice-versa).

Announcements & Events

CSM is the system used for posting jobs and scheduling interviews. It is also a key communication tool to keep you connected with the Co-op Office.

CSM is where you can also:

  • Recieve announcements from the Co-op Office
  • Sign up for events and workshops
  • Schedule appointments with your Student Development or Work Term Engagement Coordinators


Quercus is the campus' learning management system.  When registered in co-op courses, this is where you'll find your course-related information and where you'll submit and view grades for your assignments. 

Co-op Website

Our website is a great place to find many resources and the contact information of Co-op Office staff who can help you.

uToronto Email Address

Please be sure to check your email address on a regular basis. That is the address that the Co-op Office will use to communicate with you.


Checked these resources and cant find what you are looking for?
Contact the Co-op office at or call 416-287-7260