Leaving Co-op

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Voluntary Withdrawal

If you’re considering leaving the program, please speak with our Student Development Coordinator or Work Term Engagement Coordinator before making any final decisions.  We'd hate to see you go and would welcome the opportunity to work through any challenges you’ve been having.

If you still choose to leave, here are the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Fill out the Co-op Withdrawal Request form (PDF, 80 KB).
  2. Have your Program Supervisor sign the form; (if you are in a co-op subject POSt)
  3. Bring the completed, signed Withdrawal Request form to the Arts & Science Co-op reception desk in IC150 and schedule an appointment to meet with the Operations Manager to discuss the reasons behind your withdrawal. It's important to note that your status on ACORN will not change until this discussion has been held.
  4. When the Operations Manager finalizes your withdrawal, we'll inform the Registrar's Office of the change, who will in turn update your status on ACORN.  You will also be given a copy of your withdrawal form for your records following this meeting. 

Withdrawal from the program while on work term

Each year, we dedicate significant resources to building employer relationships and developing jobs for co-op students. In short, we’re doing the networking for you and your colleagues in the program. For this reason, if you’re currently on a work term or have already accepted an offer from a co-op employer, we need you to honour your commitments and you won’t be permitted to drop out of co-op until after you’ve completed the work term. This helps maintain your and the program's reputation with co-op employers so that they choose to continue partnering with us and offering opportunities for your fellow classmates.

Removal from the Program

While it’s our goal to help each student reach graduation with a resume full of successful, solid work experiences, we recognize that sometimes things just don’t work out. Removal from the program is often a last-resort decision that can occur for a variety of reasons outlined throughout this guide.


The process varies depending on the reason for removal, however rest assured that you’ll receive notification of a probationary period in the case of a low cGPA, or a meeting set up between yourself and a co-op manager to discuss specifics to a situation prior to any decision being made.


You’ll receive notification from us if you’re placed on probation. While on probation, you won’t be able to apply for a work term until you have successfully cleared it by following the steps outlined in your notification email/letter.

I want to stay in the program but need some academic help. Who can I speak with for additional resources?

Frequent communication with our team can help prevent problems before they arise. If you’re concerned about your grades or your future in the program, check in with your Student Development Coordinator or Work Term Engagement Coordinator. They’ll help to point you in the right direction.

If I’m removed from co-op, can I reapply to the program?

Any decisions to readmit you to the program are made on a case-by-case basis. Keeping in mind that any delays to your work term sequencing can affect your graduation date, the best person to speak with about your individual situation is the Operations Manager, Dallas Boyer.  He can also be reached via email: boyer@utsc.utoronto.ca.