The Interview Process

Receiving an invitation to attend an interview is one of the most exciting­ elements of Co-op. There’s a few guidelines that you’ll need to adhere to in the interview process, which we’ve outlined below.

Signing Up for Interviews

When an employer has invited you to an interview, you’ll receive a notification through CSM. Log in there to sign up for a date and time.

Generally, our expectation is that you attend all interviews that you’re invited to. That being said, if you’re experiencing challenges meeting your interview requests, consult with your work term engagement coordinator for alternate plans or next steps.

Missing or Rescheduling Interviews

Professional etiquette – both inside and outside the co-op office – dictates that you should keep your commitments. In the co-op context, this means attending all scheduled interviews until you have accepted an offer of employment.

If you know that you can’t attend an interview due to a direct conflict with a class or exam, please respond to the Operations team as far in advance as possible. Remember to include your availability so that we can investigate the possibility of rescheduling the interview. If you are unsure who to contact, please email

Remember: As a U of T Co-op student, you’re an ambassador of both the program and of the university. As such, our employers expect the utmost in responsibility and professionalism from you, and missing an interview not only jeopardizes your reputation, but also puts the co-op program and the University in a poor light.

As a result, if you miss an interview without prior notice, you may lose access to the CSM job board or be withdrawn from the co-op program.

Request to Withdraw Your Candidacy After an Interview

In particular circumstances, it may be possible to withdraw your candidacy for a position after you have completed the interview. These types of requests are evaluated on an individual basis.

Here’s a few examples of when the request would be approved:

  • if the role described in the interview is significantly different than the job description
  • if additional requirements are outlined during the interview that you don’t meet (for example, access to a vehicle, significant location change, etc.)

If, after having interviewed, you no longer would like to be considered for a position, contact your work term engagement coordinator as soon as possible (no later than 24 hours after the interview) to discuss the situation.