Experience the U of T Co-op Difference

Our program trains students who are exceptionally well-prepared for success in your organization. How? Here’s just few ways:
  1. We're the Best of the Best.

    You’ll have access to top-tier students from one of Canada’s highest-ranked universities.

    • Learning from the brightest minds
      Our students—your future employees—learn from internationally-known experts in their fields at the best university in Canada, also ranking in the top 20 worldwide
    • Top employability rankings worldwide
      University of Toronto students not only learn from some of the top minds, but our grads also boast one of the top 10 employability outcomes in the world, and the best in Canada.
    • U of T Scarborough students are best in class—literally.
      Each year, the University awards the Governor General’s Silver Medal to top-achieving students in the graduating class. Of the past 12 years, 10 U of T Scarborough students have taken home this top honour.
  2. Flexible Work Term Lengths

    Our program offers the unique option of 4, 8, or 12-month work terms, allowing you to choose a duration that best suits your organization’s projects and needs.
  3. Exceptionally Well-Trained Candidates

    By the time our students begin their first work term, U of T Arts & Science Co-op students will have exclusively received over 55 hours of mandatory career preparation training from our dedicated team, including:
    • 2 courses that focus on job search preparation and skills,
    • a peer-to-peer mentoring event,
    • mock interviews, and
    • participation in careerSpark, our signature student-employer networking event.

    Once these courses have been completed, they continue to be supported throughout their job search semester(s) with additional in-class workshops, training on workplace etiquette, optional one-on-one coaching, and more.

  4. No Rank and Match

    New to Co-op? Rank and match systems are sometimes used by programs to expedite the hiring process; it requires that both students and employers rank each other based on their respective profiles, at which point an algorithm is applied and matches are made based on these rankings. 
    At U of T Scarborough we prefer a more organic, flexible approach to hiring; with our help, you’ll post your positions when ready, then select, interview, and make offers to the top candidates that are best suited to the position. The real benefit for you? Having control over who you want to extend a job offer to and when you want to hire. That means you won’t be limited by risky algorithm rankings or strict job submission timeframes as with the traditional rank and match systems.   
  5. A Full-Service Operation Means Plenty of Support

    We offer a simple, supportive recruitment & hiring service: all you need to do is send us the job description, choose your favourite candidates, and conduct interviews at our office or yours. We’ll take care of promoting the jobs to our students, interview logistics, student correspondence, coordinating offers, and more.