Co-op Essentials

An Overview of Your Co-op Degree

In Arts & Science Co-op, you'll follow either a Specialist program, a Double Major program or a Major with two minors, leading to a four-year degree. This is comprised of 20 full-credit equivalents (FCEs).

In addition to completing the academic component of your degree, you’ll complete at least four co-op courses and spend eight to 12 months in jobs – called co-op work terms – that are relevant to your program of study.

For most programs, you’ll follow the same academic program of requirements as your non-co-op peers. However, some programs have specific additional course and timing requirements that are outlined in the Academic Calendar.

Co-op Student Agreement & Authorization to Release Personal Information

The first time you log in to our Career Services Manager tool (CSM), you’ll be invited to complete the Co-op Student Agreement and Privacy Policy, which is your formal agreement to your responsibilities as a co-op student. The agreement authorizes us to provide your resume, cover letter and academic history to co-op employers, and permits us to release previous mid-term evaluations, final evaluations and work term project evaluations to employers if requested.

Maintaining Your Status in Co-op

Check how your cGPA affects your eligibility for co-op and how many courses you need to take in order to stay in the program.

Leaving Co-op

It's always our goal to help you move successfully through co-op from first year to final year, but sometimes life makes other plans for you. Find out how to transfer out of co-op, or learn more about your options if you have been removed from the program.