PSYB51 Introduction to Perception

Theory and research on perception and cognition, including visual, auditory and tactile perception, representation, and communication. Topics include cognition and perception in the handicapped and normal perceiver; perceptual illusion, noise, perspective, shadow patterns and motion, possible and impossible scenes, human and computer scene-analysis, ambiguity in perception, outline representation. The research is on adults and children, and different species. Demonstrations and exercises form part of the course work.

PSYC52 The Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention

This course is about understanding how the human brain collects information from the environment so as to perceive it and to interact with it. The first section of the course will look into the neural and cognitive mechanisms that perceptual systems use to extract important information from the environment. Section two will focus on how attention prioritizes information for action. Additional topics concern daily life applications of attentional research.

NROC64 Sensorimotor Systems

A focus on the mechanisms by which the nervous system processes sensory information and controls movement. The topics include sensory transduction and the physiology for sensory systems (visual, somatosensory, auditory, vestibular). Both spinal and central mechanisms of motor control are also covered.

PSYD51 Current Topics in Perception

This course provides an intensive examination of selected topics in recent research on perception. Topics may include research in vision, action, touch, hearing and multisensory integration. Selected readings will cover psychological and neuropsychological findings, neurophysiological results, synaesthesia and an introduction to the Bayesian mechanisms of multisensory integration.

PSYD66 Current Topics in Human Brain and Behaviour

This course provides an extensive examination of selected topics in human brain and behaviour. The neural bases of mental functions such as language, learning, memory, emotion, motivation and addiction are examples of the topics that may be included.