John Kennedy

List of Courses

a. Undergraduate courses taught:

Introductory Psychology 1st yr students Major responsibility

Sensation and Perception 2nd/3rd yr Major responsibility

Perception and Cognition 2nd/3rd yr Major responsibility

Developmental Psychology 2nd yr Major responsibility

Perceptual Handicaps 4th yr Major responsibility

Cognition and Representation 3rd/4th yr Major responsibility

Thesis course 4th year Major responsibility

b. Graduate courses taught:

Vision. Perception, representation and communication. Perspective

c. Theses supervised: (Primary supervisor at Toronto: Secondary elsewhere)


J. Campbell Haptic figure and ground 1976-1977

J. Kumpunen Perception and caricature 1977-1980

R. Domander Expression recognition and empathy 1979-1980

T. Richard Factors influencing tactile form perception 1979-1980

W. Simpson The cross-ratio and the perception of motion and structure 1981-1982

A. Nicholls Judgements of an ideal representation of a cube by children and adults 1986-1987

L. Chalifoux Shadow and illumination in high contrast figures compared to outline figures 1986-1987

G. Mirabella 3D orientation and tactile form 1995-1996

I. Jurecivic The effects of angular separation and binocular viewing on apparent visual angles 1997-1998

Ph.D. : Toronto Ph.D.s numbered:

1 C. Ware Subjective contours, contrast and assimilation 1976-1980

2 L. E. Magee Processing pictures and words 1975-1982

3 R. Domander Identification of incomplete line drawings and segment distribution. 1980-1987

4 W. Simpson Depth discrimination from optic flow: A model

1982-1987 based on simple motion detectors.

P. Gabias Outline picture perception by the blind. 1983-1987 New York University (with D. Aronson)

J. Conway The interaction of code type and information typeon the perception and interpretation of visual displays. 1984-1987 Adelphi University (with D. Gorfein and R.R. Hoffman)

5 A Nicholls Perception of polar and parallel projections of cubes. 1987-1991

6 C. Green Reasoning and the connectionist modelling ofdeduction. 1989-1992

7 C.H. Liu Symbolic relations affect reaction time, recall and analogy, but not metaphor 1990-1994

Yvonne Eriksson Tactile pictures ( with Lena Johannesson ) 1992-98 Linkoping University/ Gothenburg University

8 Hiroto Miyoshi Combined illusions: Ponzo and Muller-Lyer displays 1993-1995

9 Daniel Chiappe Are metaphors elliptical similes? 1995-1997

Igor Jurecivic Perspective forelengthening 1998- [Vision Science Reseach Program Award, 2003]

Juan Bai Shape-from-shadow 1998- [Vision Science Reseach Program Award, 2002-3]

Mark Symmons Active and passive touch (Monash University, 2001- Australia)

Postdoctoral fellows:

D. Klein, 1975-1976 Interference effects of cognitive tasks on haptic perception

B. Richardson, 1977-1979 Pattern and element perception in sequential tactile arrays.

Research associates:

R. Pierantoni (National Research Centre, Genoa, Italy)

1986-1989. Perception of movement. Naive physics.

M.A. Heller (Winston-Salem) 1988-1996.

Itsuo Kumazawa (Tokyo Institute of Psychology), 1993-1994.

D. Chiappe (California State University, Long Beach) 1998-2003

d. Other teaching and lectures

Proseminar in psychology, Graduate students, St. George campus. Lectures on perception. Coordination of perception and information processing section.

Graduate student course on perception and representation, Danish Research Academy (1992).

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