Yoonjung Kang

Yoonjung Kang

Associate Professor
Associate Director, Linguistics and Psycholinguistics
416 287-7172


Yoonjung Kang (Ph.D., MIT) is an associate professor of linguistics in the Centre for French and Linguistics and holds a graduate appointment in the Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto. Her area of specialization is phonology and its interface with phonetics and morphology, with a special focus on Korean. Current research projects include 1) synchronic and diachronic variation in the sound patterns of English loanwords in Korean; 2) dialectal variation in Korean; 3) acoustic and articulatory studies on Korean consonants; 4) heritage Korean in GTA; 5) a general theory of loanword phonology and its implication for phonetics-phonology interface; 6) experimental phonology. She is an associate editor of Phonology.

Research Interests: 

Areas of Research: Phonology; Phonetics; Language Contact; Korean