Special Projects & Advanced Seminars

HLTD21H3, Special Topics in Health
Commercialization of Health Research
Summer 2016

This course will take as its main premise that we are in the midst of a fundamental and revolutionary change – one that will profoundly affect almost every structure in our economy and society. It involves the transition from a resource- and manufacturing-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. In short knowledge is no longer a means to an end, it is now the end itself. It is now a commodity – one that can be packaged, bought and sold just like any other commodity.

This is nowhere more evident than in health research. We will explore the idea that perhaps in no other industry have science and business been as tightly interwoven as they have become in heath. In many other areas science is a tool or input for creating new products or services. But it is not the business. Heath is different. It has spawned a whole new area – biotechnology. And in biotechnology science is the business.
We are going to explore a range of factors that make this is so. In addition we are going to look at what the necessary ingredients are to build the highly complex and innovative society necessary to foster such creativity. We are also going to look at how this is changing some of our oldest institutions, such as universities.