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Living in Residence

Residence brings the advantages of greater interaction with peers, faculty, student and learning services, and an increased level of social/extra curricular involvement resulting in an overall higher rate of student success.

Opportunities to Get Involved:

Applications for all Residence Life Team Positions for both the Summer 2018 Semester, and the Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Semesters are now available:

2018-2019 RLT Application - New Applicants

2018-2019 RLT Application Reference Form

2018-2019 Residence Advisor Job Description


If you have any questions regarding the application process or positions, or if you have previously worked on the RLT and are looking for the Returner Application, please contact Joanne Huynh

Support From The Residence Life Team (RLT):

The Residence Life Coordinator oversees a dynamic team of student leaders hired by Student Housing & Residence Life. The RLT trains for two weeks each August to develop the skills and knowledge needed to advise students on issues such as accessing student services and having positive roommate relations. Residence Advisors share their own experiences as university students and serve as a link between students and all that the University has to offer. Each Hall in residence is a community led and advised by an RA.

Convenience & Increased Connection to Campus:

Residence is a five minute walk from the furthest classroom, the Athletic Complex and the Student Centre. The close proximity to faculty, services and campus life promotes a positive integration into academic life and the community on campus. The convenience leads to more engagement with professors, teaching assistants, academic and personal support services, committees, clubs and events. When a student's sense of belonging to the campus is strong the impact on the entire student experience is significant and beneficial.

Safety & Security:

A number of policies and programs exist to promote safety and awareness within the community in residence and on campus.

Leadership Opportunities:

There are ample opportunities to be a leader in residence. Students can lead the community while developing leadership skills through experience and training opportunities. Students can serve on the Scarborough Campus Residence Council, become a member of the Residence Life Team and act as a representative on a number of committees.

Student Consultation

Student consultation is an important part of residence evolving as a student service on campus. There are a variety of ways that residents can provide their input.

Student Housing Advisory Committee (SHAC)

SHAC provides students with an opportunity to represent residence students and to advise Student Housing and Residence Life on all aspects of the residence operation: budget and fees, facilities, policies, procedures, programs, residence expansion and initiatives. The committee is comprised of: three residence students at large, Director, Student Housing & Residence Life, Residence Life Coordinator, President – Scarborough Campus Residence Council and a RLT member. This committee is chaired by a resident.

Scarborough Campus Residence Council (SCRC)

The SCRC also represents the voice of students.  The Council brings concerns or needs forward to Student Housing & Residence Life.

Residence Life Experience Survey

This annual survey provides residents with an opportunity to provide feedback regarding satisfaction with various aspects of the residence experience. The feedback is incorporated into the goals and actions of Student Housing & Residence Life.

Raising Concerns

All residents are encouraged to raise any concerns they have about their residence experience. Residents can write an email or request an appointment to meet a staff member in person. Emails and appointment requests will be directed to the appropriate staff person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

You will definitely need to bring the following: cutlery, glasses, bowls, plates, alarm clock, bedding, linen, toiletries, posters/pictures, backpack, phone, food containers, fan, food.

Just think of what you would use on a regular basis and chances are you'll need to bring them with you to residence.

What is a Residence Advisor?

Residence Advisors are students who live in the residence community and are responsible to assigned townhouses/areas. They are your front line support. They take an active interest in the quality and enrichment of residence life and are willing to talk with you about the adjustments to be made in leaving home, living in residence, and making academic choices. They are responsible for providing information and referrals to villagers, educational and social programs, crisis and emergency support, general help with house and village matters, enforcing residence policy, supporting the academic mission and larger mission and goals of the University of Toronto Scarborough. These students provide an essential balance between friendship and guidance and leadership in the village around issues of community standards and behaviour.

How many people will be living in my house?

Houses are either 4 person or 6 person houses, depending on the phase (I, II, or III) you live in. Phase I houses are generally for first year students and can be either 4 or 6 person houses. Houses in Phase II and III are usually 4-person houses.

Are the houses wheelchair accessible?

There are 5 wheelchair accessible houses on the University of Toronto Scarborough campus.

How do I apply for residence?
When are the fee deadlines?

You must pay your full ROSI account for the Fall Session residence no later than November 15, after which interest charges occur. You can pay at any registered bank (TD, CIBC, Scotia Bank) as listed on your U of T invoice. The second installment is due by January 15th. On the check-in day, you must provide proof of payment in order to receive your house keys.

Are there any application criteria?

Students are able to stay at Scarborough Residence if they are full time (must be enrolled in at least 3.5 F.C.E.). Students must be registered at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Are there any guarantees that I’ll get in?

We guarantee housing to all first year students who meet the deadlines.

Is there a meal plan?

Since our residences are equipped with complete kitchenettes (a fridge, oven and stove), the meal plan is optional. Meal plans are available through Food Partnerships. Purchasing meals on campus with a meal plan saves students 13% tax on all meals. For more information, please contact (416-208-2233). Students are also encouraged to cook with one another to help with time management (especially during exam periods). Otherwise, there are many local fast-food restaurants who are willing to take your order.

Are the houses smoking or non-smoking?

For health reasons all townhouses and resident units are non-smoking.

Can I live with my friends?

On your application you can fill out the section which asks for your "preferred housemate". You do require the signature of the other person and they require yours.

How are housemates chosen?

Housemates are matched according to the information you gave us on your application form. We take these questions into serious consideration when we going through the housemate matching process.

Are the residences co-ed?

Students can indicate in their application if they prefer to live in Same Gender - Women, Same Gender - Men, or All Gender Housing.

Is there summer residence?

We run a full summer residence for all university/college students who are working or studying in the Greater Toronto Area.

Am I allowed pets?

We do not allow pets in residence.

Can I bring my own furniture?

All units are fully furnished, however, students can bring their own small furniture (e.g. no bigger than a desk chair). You may bring items that will help you feel comfortable with your new living space such as a computer chair, lamp, side table and small bookshelf.

NOTE: All original furniture (in the bedrooms and common area) must be returned by the end of the year check-out.

Can I hang up posters/pictures?

You are more than welcome to personalize your room with posters and pictures. Anything that will make you feel more comfortable in your new home. We do not allow students to put nails or screws in the wall or use abrasive tape. Posters may also be placed in the common area (upon agreement within the household).

During particular holidays (e.g. Christmas), you may decorate your house accordingly and are actually encouraged to enter a contest and decorate the outside of your house!

Can I have overnight guests?

Guests are allowed on campus if all of your housemates agree. Guests are allowed no more than 4 overnight stays per month.

Parking: You may purchase a visitor parking pass in advance at the Parking Services office in IC-40. You will need the vehicle year, make and model to purchase the pass.

Can I stay over the winter holiday?

The University including Student Housing & Residence Life will be closed during the December Closure. As stated in your Residence Agreement; the Resident is expected to vacate the room during the closure but may leave their belongings in their assigned units/bedrooms. The Resident is expected to secure alternate accommodation during this period. For those who absolutely require residence during this time period, Student Housing & Residence Life will allow students with particular circumstances (e.g. international students, out-of-province students), to register to stay in residence during the closure. There is a $250 fee for service during this period. Registration to stay for the closure can be discussed with the SHRL office in October/November.

Who does the cleaning?

Students are responsible for the general upkeep and cleanliness of the houses including cleaning, garbage, and snow removal. It is recommended that a cleaning schedule be established (and agreed upon by all of your housemates) at the beginning of the year so that future disagreements may be avoided. Houses are inspected by the Maintenance office periodically to ensure that they are kept in good condition.

Note: Mops, vacuums, shovels, and brooms will be provided.

How do I do my laundry?

There are three laundry rooms available in the residence complex, and four in the apartment complex (1 per floor). They are locked at all times but you will be given 24 hours access. A washing cycle is $2.00 per load and a drying cycle is $1.50 per load. Payment can only be made using your TCard, and funds can be loaded in the TCard+ website:

How do I get my mail?

Please refer to the Mail page of our website.

Note: Housing assignments and mailing addresses will be sent to you in August.

How do I get downtown?

There are several routes to downtown. There are buses that leave from Scarborough Campus that will take you to the subway stations. From Kennedy station you take the subway until you reach St. George station.

Can I fit my computer in my room?

The rooms have ample space for computers and computer equipment. Many students bring their own computers but if you don’t there are computer labs in the main academic building available for students to use.

Is there somewhere for me to store my belongings over the summer?

Store Your Dorm can help you store your belongings from one semester to the next at an offsite location. They deliver boxes and tape to your room. They pick-up your goods from your room, store them over the session and then deliver them back when requested.

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