Dr. Matthias Niemeier

Principal Investigator
Email: niemeier(at)utsc.utoronto.ca

I received my Psychologie Diplom (equivalent to an M.A.) from the University of Hamburg and my PhD from the University of Tübingen. After a postdoc at U of T, York University, and Western University, I started my position at UTSC in 2003. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to and playing music, traveling, and trying new foods.

Teddy Cheung

PhD Student

My research interests include incorporating behavioural and neuroimaging techniques in studying the devlopmental trajectories of sensory and motor functions, and their linkages with social cognition. As a side project, I'm co-developing apps in training emotion recognition for young children with autism spectrum disorder. When I'm not in the lab, I enjoy skiing in the colder months.

Nina Lee

PhD Student

Broadly speaking, I am interested in how people use visual information to interact with their environment through attention. My current research applies psychophysical methods and electroencephalography (EEG) to study feature-based attention. Outside of the lab, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, painting, and winding down with a good book.

Simar Moussaoui

PhD Student

I have always been interested in how the nervous system processes sensory information and which neural mechanisms allow us to perceive and manipulate information in the world around us. Currently, I am quenching this curiosity by studying working memory. Outside the lab, I love playing with makeup. I can spend endless hours creating new looks and learning new techniques.

Tahsin Reza

PhD Student

I am interested in studying sensorimotor control of grasping through the use of artifical neural networks. My current research involves employing neural networks as an abstract representation of sensorimotor processes to understand the underlying principles that govern grasping in the human brain. When I am not in the lab, I am somewhere out in the world exploring new places or binge-watching animes.

Mura Abdul-Nabi

Lab Manager

I've earned my HBSc in Neuroscience and Psychology here at UTSC. As the lab manager, I take care of daily adminstrative tasks, conduct literature reviews as well as data collection/analysis. Currently, I'm studying how representations of visual features change during movement planning and execution. Beyond my work and academics, I enjoy playing volleyball and taking my rollerblades out for a spin.

Dr. Jiaqing (Jess) Chen

My graduate work was on leftward biases of attention also known as pseudoneglect. Pseudoneglect reflects a specialization for certain visuospatial functions in the right hemisphere. We tried to understand why patients with damage to the right hemisphere develop spatial neglect, a severe deficit of awareness for the left part of space.

Dr. Adam Frost

My research interests focused on how the brain builds a rich conscious visual experience in spite of the stark physiological limitations of the eye and nervous system. To investigate this phenomenon, my experiments probed the way that visual attention, oculomotor control and working memory interact to select, acquire and retain information about the world. Outside of my research, I like to take pictures and dream about how to make the world a better, fairer place.

Dr. Lin (Lawrence) Guo

My graduate work focused on using EEG to investigate various aspects of sensorimotor processes underlying object grasping, such as its computational mechanisms and the timecourse of sensorimotor integration. In my spare time, I enjoy weight training and outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

Dr. Antonella Kis

My project looked at perisaccadic perception of space. That is, around the time of saccadic eye movements, people perceive space in a strangely distorted manner.

Dr. Ada Le

My research has been concerned with the visual motor control of grasping, specifically grasping with two hands.

Jun Li, M.A.

I studied how grasping objects would influence the way in which people categorize these objects.

Dr. Bobby Stojanoski

I studied the influence of feature-based attention (i.e., to colour, motion, shapes, etc.) on the perception of objects.

Dr. Jiali Wang

Visiting Researcher

I've completed my PhD in Clinical Neuropyschology in 2012 and am a current lecturer of Psychology at the Institute of Nautical Medicine at Nantong University in China. I'm currently interested in using various techniques such as EEG and MRI to study the cognitive mechanisms of neuropsychological dysfuntion, and cognitive development in neurodevelopmental disorders. In my spare time I enjoy reading, hiking, and traveling around the world.

Dr. Marta Wnuczko

I am interested in the perception of space, and our skilled interactions with it. Of interest, for example, is how blind and sighted individuals use linear perspective in pointing to objects on the ground. My research studies how people use vantage points, avatars, and how they take the perspective of others when communicating about spatial directions.

Mengchuan Wu

Idila Yogeswaran

Abhivyakti Ahuja

Lina Rguig

Allam Rushdi

Kylie Campbell

Farhan Faisal

Areem Siddiqi

Alin Condescu