The Wug Life Initiative:

Studying Linguistics at the University of Toronto

The Wug Life Initiative is a high school outreach founded by the University of Toronto Scaborough and Mississauga campus's Linguistics clubs; the Linguistics Student Association (LSA) and the Linguistics League (LL) respectively. Our goal is to introduce high school students to the field of Linguistics and why the University of Toronto is the best university to study it. For many high school students, applying to university can be a stressful time. The changing environments and the commitment to studying a field for an extended period of time can be a lot of pressure. Few high school students are aware about what Linguistics is, or has to offer them. The Wug Life wants to remedy this, and ensure that high school students make an informed decision about their field of study. Representatives from the Scarborough and Mississauga campus visit high schools around the GTA to discuss what Linguistics is and what it has to offer them. It is our goal to raise awareness for Linguistics at UofT in a fun and interactive way, one student at a time.

Come take a look at our video:
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