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Patrick Phillips Award for Staff Service Recipients

Tthe Patrick Phillips Award for Staff Service is awarded to a deserving staff member who displays competence, commitment, courtesy and concern for others routinely; who without fanfare or self-promotion, contributes daily to the success of the Campus. For information about selection criteria and the nomination process, and who to contact with questions, please see the Patrick Phillips Award for Staff Service page on the UTSC Human Resources website.


2016-17 Kathy Fellowes
2015-16 Nadia Harduar
2014-15 Janet Blakely
2013-14 Janis Jones
2012-13 Laurel Wheeler
2011-12 Liz Annis
2010-11 Lucy Pickering
2009-10 Scott Dutrisac and Mariam Aslam
2008-09 Robert Strowbridge
2007-08 Francesca Andrade
2006-07 Gaetana Larocca
2005-06 Brenda Brown
2004-05 John Harper
2003-04 Lynval Salmon, Bill Husky, and Chris Bibby
2002-03 Rita Pearsall
2001-02 Linda Pearson
2000-01 Audrey Glasbergen
1999-00 Nick J. MacDonnell


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