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D.R. Campbell Merit Award Recipients

The D.R. Campbell Merit Award was established by the Students’ Council in order to provide recognition for individuals who make a significant contribution to the improvement of the quality of life at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). For information about selection criteria and the nomination process, and who to contact with questions, please see the D.R. Campbell Merit Award page on the UTSC Human Resources website.


2016-17 Sonya Dhillon
2015-16 Hasna Syed
2014-15 Eleanor Irwin, Shehna Javeed, Heather-Lynne Meacock, Sheryl Stevenson and Joanna Ying-Fiss (AIM Team) and Rashi Gupta
2013-14 Mike Plumton and Anjum Sultana
2012-13 Samantha Chiu and Karen Young
2011-12 Not Awarded
2010-11 Aisha Khaja
2009-10 Imran Khan
2008-09 Not Awarded
2007-08 Svetlana (Lana) Mikhaylichenko
2006-07 Jemy Joseph
2005-06 Jeffrey Rybak
2004-05 Karen Henderson
2003-04 Sue Martin
2002-03 John Youson
2001-02 Leah Takata, Cultural Affairs
2000-01 Joan E. Foley
1999-00  Shudeshna Nag
1998-99  Liam Mitchell
1997-98 Lora Carney, William Barek and Leslie Chan
1996-97  Louis Mignault and Penelope Laycock
1995-96  Dagmar Mills
1994-95  Ted Relph
1993-94  Renata Zathureczky
1992-93  Alice Bennett, Graduating Student
1991-92  Marla Miller
1990-91  Taimo Pallandi
1989-90  Rosanne Blake and Alan Rosselet
1988-89  Martha Garry and Marie Gerrard
1987-88  Karl Weisser
1986-87  Leigha Lee Browne
1985-86  S. John Colman
1983-84  Eleanor Irwin
1982-83  John Alan Lee
1981-82  The Staff, Vincent Bladen Library
1979-80  Marg Wood
1978-79  Jack Willard
1977-78  Jack Pickles
1974-75  J. O'Donohue, Gary Heighington and B. Toole
1973-74  Edana Hart and Robert N. Gardner


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