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Principal's Accomplished Leader Award

Deadline for nominations: April 27, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

The Principal’s Staff Awards were established by Principal Bruce Kidd in 2016 to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of administrative staff who consistently demonstrate excellent performance in support of UTSC strategic priorities and objectives.

The individual’s actions should make a measurable, demonstrable impact within UTSC and/or the broader University community. The contribution should be considered in relation to the scope of the nominees’ position. 

The Principal’s Staff Awards are open to candidates who are UTSC staff-appointed and non-probationary status.



The Principal’s Accomplished Leader Award recognizes employees in a managerial role for their exceptional leadership competencies and resulting accomplishments. Examples of characteristics of an Accomplished Leader include:

  • High integrity and honesty
  • Commitment to equity and diversity
  • Technical and professional expertise
  • Innovative and improvement focused
  • Results focused
  • Develops staff through providing stretch opportunities, highlighting staff accomplishments and regular developmental discussions
  • Analytical problem solver
  • Inspires and influences others
  • Builds relationships, teamwork and collaboration
  • Champions change
  • Builds external connections (across the University, within the community and more broadly)
  • Respected by direct reports and colleagues
  • Strong communicator (calm, concise, deals with conflict effectively, builds buy in)
  • Familiar with University administrative processes
  • Takes initiative
  • Strategic in approach
  • Sustained contribution and excellent performance for the duration of his/her UofT career
  • Positive impact and accomplishments achieved through leadership


Selection Criteria

Employees will have made an exceptional contribution in support of the criteria outlined within each award category and meet the eligibility criteria. The individual’s actions should make a measurable, demonstrable impact within UTSC and/or to the broader University community.  The contribution should be considered in relation to the scope of the nominees’ position.


The Nomination Package Components

A complete nomination package consists of ONE PDF file that contains the following:

  1. Only One Letter of Nomination written by a UTSC staff, faculty, student, alumni or a member of Campus Council and its committees
    1. The nomination must outline the specific contributions of the nominee that coincide with the criteria as well as detail the actions and impact of the nominee’s contribution 
  2. Only Two Letters of Support from students, staff, faculty or alumni
    1. Letters of support should provide concrete examples of the nominee’s influence and/or impact
  3. Only One Letter of Endorsement from the Chair or Division Head of the nominee’s home department/portfolio
    1. The point form letter must include a clear and concise description of the candidate’s accomplishments and reason for nomination


Please find the Principal's Accomplished Leader Award Sample Nomination Package for your reference here.


The nomination package should consist of an electronic PDF file to be sent to: Desma Charlemagne-Michel, Director, Human Resource Services at at . When submitting your package, please copy the individuals who have written letters of support and letter of endorsement on the email.

The list of past recipients can be found at Principal's Accomplished Leader Award Recipients.


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