Redten Home Page

REDTEN is a symbolic algebra package for REDUCE which provides tensor and tensor-like objects and manipulation functions for work in General Relativity.

Please read the Redten User Manual. It's not quite finished, and some parts are out of date (again), and the translation to HTML may have been a bit rough, but it will get fixed up as time allows. Send comments with the form provided on the first page.

Copies of the manual are available as a gzipped DVI file (136k), or a gzipped postscript file (208k). (Last update: 1994)

The Redten sources, v4.4 (updated Nov 10/09) are available as a gzipped tar file (208k). These will work in Reduce 3.7 and 3.8.

Note! You must obtain Reduce separately! Now available from SourceForge

We still have the help command in Redten, which unfortunately will conflict with the new Reduce help command. At some point the Redten help will be merged.

John Harper