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Graham Fagen: The Slave's Lament
2018, Co-published by Galerie de l’UQAM and Doris McCarthy Gallery

Texts by Louise Déry and Erica Moiah James
English, French
111 p., colour, hardcover


2017, Co-published by Esker Foundation, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Galerie de l’UQAM and Nanaimo Art Gallery

Texts by Shary Boyle, Heather Igloliorte and Shauna Thompson
English, French & Inuktitut
144 p., colour, softcover


Meryl McMaster: Confluence
2016, Co-published by Carleton University Art Gallery, The Rooms, Thunder Bay Art Gallery and University of Lethbridge Art Gallery

Texts by Gabrielle Moser and cheyanne turions
Interview between Meryl McMaster and Heather Anderson
90 p., colour, hardcover


lois andison: relay
2015, Co-published by the Doris McCarthy Gallery, Rodman Hall Art Centre/Brock University and the University of Waterloo Art Gallery

Texts by Ann MacDonald, Ihor Holubizky and Jonathan Shaughnessy
144 p., colour, softcover


David R. Harper: Entre le chien et le loup
2014, Published by the Doris McCarthy Gallery in partnership with Kenderdine Art Gallery/College Art Galleries, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery and Saint Mary's University Art Gallery

Texts by Robin Metcalfe, Crystal Mowry, Jan Peacock and Lisa Stone & Jim Zanzi
132 p., colour, hardcover


Janet Werner: Another perfect day
2013, Co-published by the Kenderdine Art Gallery/College Art Galleries, Doris McCarthy Gallery and Esker Foundation

Edited by Meeka Walsh
Texts by David Balzer, Anne Carson, Robert Enright and John Kissick
96 p., colour, hardcover


Mélanie Rocan: Souvenir involontaire
2013, Co-published by Doris McCarthy Gallery, Kenderdine Art Gallery and Plug In ICA

Essay by Josée Drouin-Brisebois
112 p., colour, softcover


Rita McKeough: The Lion's Share
2012, Co-published by University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Dalhousie Art Gallery and Kenderdine Art Gallery

Essays by Josephine Mills and Elizabeth Diggon
64 p., colour, hardcover


Jon Sasaki: Good Intentions
2011, Co-published by Doris McCarthy Gallery, Kenderdine Art Gallery, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, MacLaren Art Centre, Prairie Art Gallery, Dunlop Art Gallery

Essays by Ann MacDonald, Crystal Mowry and Ben Portis
84 p., colour, hardcover


Gordon Monahan: Seeing Sound
2011, Co-published by the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Blackwood Gallery, Thames Art Gallery, Owens Art Gallery, Kenderdine Art Gallery, Tom Thomson Art Gallery and singuhr − hoergalerie berlin

Essays by Gabriele Knapstein and Earl Miller
Interview between Gordon Monahan and Mattias Osterwold
Foreward by Carsten Seiffarth and Linda Jansma
172 p., colour, hardcover
Includes DVD compilation of video documentation


Peter Smith: You May Find Yourself
2011, Co-published by Doris McCarthy Gallery, Robert McLaughlin Gallery and Kenderdine Art Gallery

Essays by Ann MacDonald, Jonathan Shaughnessy and Maria Finta
Foreward by Linda Jansma
46 p., colour, softcover


Ellen Moffat: COMP OSE
2010, Co-published by Kenderdine Art Gallery, Doris McCarthy Gallery and Thames Art Gallery

Essays by Annie Gérin and Marie Lovrod
40 p., colour, softcover


Doris McCarthy: Roughing It in the Bush
2010, Doris McCarthy Gallery

Essays by Nancy Campbell and John Scott
96 p., colour, hardcover


Meeting Point
2009, Co-published by Doris McCarthy Gallery and Kenderdine Art Gallery

Essay by Earl Miller
60 p., colour, softcover


Urban Myths & Modern Fables
2008, Co-published by Doris McCarthy Gallery and SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre)

Essays by Haema Sivanesan and Rabea Murtaza
64 p., colour, softcover


Ron Giii: Hegel's Salt Man
2007, Doris McCarthy Gallery

Essays by Rosemary Heather and Eli Langer
46 p., colour/b&w, softcover


Doris McCarthy: My Life
2006, Second Story Press

Written by Doris McCarthy with Charis Wahl
241 p., b&w, softcover


Post Object
2007, Doris McCarthy Gallery

Essays by Deepali Dewan and Murtaza Vali
32 p., colour/b&w, softcover


Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky
2006, Co-published by Cambridge Galleries, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Liane and Danny Taran Gallery, Rodman Hall Arts Centre and Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Essay by Ken Lum
64 p., colour, softcover


Return, Afghanistan - Photographs by Zalmaï
2004, Aperture Foundation

Essay by Ron Moreau
124 p., colour, hardcover


A Beginner's Guide to Quantal Strife
2006, Doris McCarthy Gallery

Essay by Sally McKay Illustrations by Marc Ngui
Roundtable Discussion with Scott Carruthers, Sally McKay, Crystal Mowry & Marc Ngui
76 p., colour, softcover


Euan Macdonald: everythinghappensatonce
2006, Co-published by Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, Doris McCarthy Gallery and Blackwood Gallery

Essays by Barbara Fischer, Ann MacDonald, Midori Matsui, and Georgio Verzotti
120 p., colour, hardcover


Angela Leach: Paintings
2005, Co-published by Cambridge Galleries, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Rodman Hall Arts Centre, Owens Art Gallery and Doris McCarthy Gallery

Essays by Emily Falvey and Gordon Hatt
48 p., colour, softcover


Doris McCarthy: Everything Which Is Yes
2004, Doris McCarthy Gallery

Essays by Nicole Collins and David Urban
Discussion with Doris McCarthy and Harold Klunder
72 p., colour, softcover


Unfolding Memory
2004, Doris McCarthy Gallery
Accompanies the exhibition Nina Levitt: Little Breeze

Essay by Kim Simon
3 p. brochure, colour


Doris McCarthy: Ninety Years Wise
2004, Second Story Press

Written by Doris McCarthy
119 p., colour/b&w, softcover


John Kissick: A Survey of Recent Painting
2004, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

Essay by Liz Wylie
24 p., colour, softcover


Xu Bing and Gu Xiong: Here Is What I Mean
2001, Museum London

Essays by Patrick Mahon and Robin Metcalfe
15 p., colour, softcover


Gravity, Duet: Video Installations by Nina Levitt
1999, Gallery TPW

Essays by Joanne Sloan and Laurie Palmer
48 p., b&w, softcover


Celebrating Life: The Art of Doris McCarthy
1999, reprinted 2002, McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Essays by William Moore and Stuart Reid
Foreward by Barbara Taylor
Contributing writers include Peter Gzowski, Christopher Hume, Murray McLauchlan, Joan Murray and others
239 p., colour, hardcover


Doris McCarthy: The View from Here
1999, Art Gallery of Mississauga

Essay by Stuart Reid
30 p., colour, softcover

Sorry, this title is now out of print.

The Good Wine
1991, Macfarlane, Walter & Ross

Written by Doris McCarthy
266 p., softcover

Sorry, this title is now out of print.

A Fool in Paradise: An Artist's Early Life
1990, Macfarlane, Walter & Ross

Written by Doris McCarthy
258 p., softcover

Sorry, this title is now out of print.

Marla Hlady
2001, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and The Gallery UTSC

Essays by Nancy Campbell, Xandra Eden and Barbara Fischer
48 p., colour, softcover


Doris McCarthy: Heart of a Painter
1986, W. Wacko Production Limited

60 min. An award-winning docu-drama based on the life of Doris McCarthy. McCarthy's powers as a reconteur will transport the audience on her adventures, from the Far East to the Canadian Arctic and Rockies, while re-enactment and dramatization bring the art scene of 1930s London and the energy of McCarthy's classes to life.

Sorry, this title is no longer available.

Doris McCarthy Notecards (Set of 5 Assorted Images)

10 blank cards w/ envelopes - 2 of each image