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Hiba Abdallah with Steven Beckly, Alyssa Bistonath & Patrick Cruz
It Can Only Be This Place
September 4 - November 3, 2018

Curated by Tiffany Schofield

It Can Only Be This Place features works by Hiba Abdallah that collect and recount rumours, confessions, and hidden histories of Scarborough. Working with local residents, Abdallah has developed two projects: a participatory installation that immerses viewers in stories, impressions, and speculations of Scarborough; and a Scarborough souvenir shop, featuring custom-made keepsakes that ask questions around how place is remembered and commemorated. Alongside this work, Abdallah has invited artists Steven Beckly, Alyssa Bistonath, and Patrick Cruz to contribute to the exhibition; their responses to Scarborough's natural and cultural landscapes use myth-making to generate new understandings of this place.