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For more information or to arrange an appointment to view the works currently available, please contact Collections Coordinator Julia Abraham at jabraham@utsc.utoronto.ca.

If you have an artwork that urgently requires removal or temporary storage, please contact Collections Coordinator Julia Abraham at jabraham@utsc.utoronto.ca.

The Doris McCarthy Gallery cares for a collection of over 1500 artworks by prominent Canadian artists. As part of DMG’s Campus Loan Program, UTSC staff and faculty are able to borrow work from the Permanent Collection to hang in their office. This is a great opportunity to liven up your workspace while showing off artwork from the DMG Collection!

This program is only available to staff and faculty of UTSC. It is not open to the public.

Here’s how it works: After DMG staff assesses your space to identify any security or environmental concerns, you will visit the gallery to view available art works and make your selection. Please note that while some of the work in the collection is framed, much of it is not. If you wish to borrow work that is unframed, we will need to arrange to have it framed (at a cost to your department) before it can go out on loan.

When you have made your selection, DMG staff will deliver and install the work in your workspace.


Although we try to have as much of the collection on public view as possible, specific conditions must be met to ensure the safety and security of the artwork. Prospective placement locations are assessed to determine suitability based on the following criteria:

1. Environmental controls - Artworks may not be placed in environmentally unstable locations. Extreme variations in temperature and humidity must be avoided.
2. Security - Artworks that are deemed to be too fragile and/or too valuable are not available for loan. The placement location must provide a low risk of theft, vandalism or accidental damage. Doris McCarthy Gallery staff periodically review the condition of artworks, but we also rely on the borrower to ensure continued safety and security.
3. Visibility – Ideally artworks are installed in areas of allowing for high public exposure. To assist with the public's understanding, identification and appreciation of these artworks, information labels often accompany each installed artwork. The borrower will, in most cases, be provided with an information package on the artwork.

Please contact us immediately if any of the following changes are planned or occur to artworks belonging to the DMG Permanent Collection:

1. The artwork needs to be moved to another location. This includes moves within departments or offices.
2. Possible hazards are introduced into the environment. These may include the rearrangement of furniture, removal of draperies, painting, renovations, or other factors that may prove hazardous to the safety of the artworks.
3. Incidents of damage, theft or vandalism occur. Please report these as soon as possible to the Doris McCarthy Gallery and Police Services. If you are in doubt about whether an artwork has been altered or deliberately damaged, please contact us to make an assessment of its condition.


All loans of work(s) of art from the Permanent Collection of the Doris McCarthy Gallery at the University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) are made subject to the borrower’s agreement to the following conditions:

Each work is received in good condition unless otherwise noted in writing to the Doris McCarthy Gallery forthwith upon receipt.  The borrower will exercise the same care with respect to the works as it does in the safekeeping of comparable property of its own.

The borrower shall maintain constant and adequate protection against all hazards of fire, insects, dirt, theft and mishandling by unauthorized or inexperienced persons or by the public.  The borrower shall inform the Doris McCarthy Gallery immediately upon discovery and in detail of any loss of, damage or deterioration to any work regardless of who may be responsible therefore.

Works loaned by the Doris McCarthy Gallery shall remain and be maintained in the condition in which they are received.  They shall not be unframed or removed from mats, mounts or bases for any purpose whatsoever, or cleaned, repaired, retouched or altered in any way, or transported in damaged condition except with the express written permission of the authorized gallery staff.  The borrower shall reimburse the Doris McCarthy Gallery for any special framing, glazing, conservation, etc., made necessary by the loan.

The Doris McCarthy Gallery reserves the right to remove any artwork that is in jeopardy, is moved without authorization, or poses a threat to public safety, at the staff's discretion. The Doris McCarthy Gallery reserves the right to borrow any object belonging to the Permanent Collection from its location on campus, on a temporary basis for exhibition purposes.