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Professor of Ecology & Evolution and Physiology

Research Group

Phoebe D. Edwards, Ph. D. Candidate, U Toronto

Research: The cause of population cycles in voles
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Sophia Lavergne, Post-Doctoral Fellow, U Toronto

Research: The snowshoe hare 10-year cycle and the impact of predator stress on epigenetic changes in offspring.
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Laura McCaw, M.Sc. Candidate, U. Toronto

Research: Maternal effects and the Impact of predator-induced stress on epigenetic changes in snowshoe hare offspring.
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picture of Brendan Delehanty
Brendan Delehanty, Post-Doctoral Fellow, U. Toronto

We are collaborating on the evolution of the stress axis in mammals and on the measurement of stress in vertebrates
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picture of Lanna Desantis
Charles J. Krebs, Professor Emeritus, UBC

Research: Population Regulation in Mammals

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picture of Michael Sheriff
Michael Sheriff, Professor, UMass Dartmouth


Research: Ecological interactions in populations and behavior.

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picture of Thomas Jung
Stan Boutin, Professor, University of Alberta

Research: How ecological variation affects phenotypic plasticity, evolution and population dynamics
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picture of Dennis Murray
Dennis Murray, Professor, Trent U

Research: the role of predation risk on sublethal effects in the population demography in snowshoe hares.

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picture of Thomas Jung
Thomas Jung, Collaborator

Senior Wildlife Biologist, Yukon Department of Environment; Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta; Affiliate Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
We are collaborating on the ecology of stress in northern bats; Climate change impact on snowshoe hare.
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picture of Jane Harms
Jane Harms, Dr DVM and Collaborator

Program Veterinarian, Yukon Department of Environment on the ecology of stress in northern bats; We are collaborating on on the ecology of stress in northern bats. Other interest includes disease surveillance in northern wildlife.
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