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AccessAbility Services Division of Student Affairs

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Accessible Events and Programs - Statement of Accommodation

Suggested statements of accommodation for events and presentations

Please feel free to contact AccessAbility Services ( or 416-287-7560) for further suggestions/clarification.


We recommend that you include the following statement on all event advertising materials, web, and registration forms:

If you have any accommodation needs to ensure your full participation, please inform us in advance. Contact [Department name or contact person] at [phone number] or via email at [email address].


When organizing a large group event that may include meal provision and/or staying in residence, you may want to include more information in the statement.

The following statement is suggested in the Guide to Planning Inclusive Meetings and Conferences (Government of Canada, 2002). You may tailor it to meet your needs.

“If you require alternative formats to ensure access to materials prepared in conventional print, or have any accommodation of dietary needs to ensure your full participation, please inform us of your specific requirements so we can make any necessary arrangements in advance. In addition, please identify any assistance you may require in the event of an emergency evacuation. For more detailed information, contact [Department name or contact person] at [phone number] or via email at [email address]."


When presenting PowerPoint presentations, we recommend that you include a slide at the beginning of the presentation stating:

“Multiple formats of these materials are available, please speak to [Name] for more information.”

It is best to have large print materials available whenever you are providing print materials or presentation handouts. We generally keep one or two large format versions on hand in case we receive a request.

General guidelines for creating large size/multiple format materials:

  • PowerPoint handouts: Print the presentation as single slides instead of three slides per page.
  • Flyers/pamphlets: Printing Services will colour copy/enlarge flyers and pamphlets onto 11x17" paper.

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