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AccessAbility Services Division of Student Affairs

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Parents' Information

Welcome Parents and Guardians!

For general information on how to support your student during their transition year, please visit our Parent's Information site.

Please contact AccessAbility Services if you have questions that are not answered below:

Is special consideration given to students with disabilities who are applying to U of T Scarborough?

All students, regardless of disability, are evaluated on the same criteria. There are no specific exceptions for students with disabilities. However, if you feel that there are extenuating or special circumstances which the admissions office needs to know about, please visit the Applying for Special Consideration page on this website.


How does my daughter / son access the services offered?

As soon as your daughter/son accepts their offer to attend U of T Scarborough, they are encouraged to contact AccessAbility Services.

All students registering with the service must provide updated medical documentation or a psycho-educational report.

We recommend that individuals with medical conditions that may only be an issue at times of high stress or only occur occasionally register with the Centre in September to ensure that they do not have to wait to access services from the Centre later in the academic year.


Who will manage their academic accommodations?

Students are ultimately responsible for managing their own accommodations.  The staff at the Centre will assist first year students in understanding the accommodation process, the procedures at AccessAbility Services and the staff will also assist students in understanding how their disability will affect them in the university environment.


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