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AccessAbility Services Division of Student Affairs

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Campus Information - Tours

For students with a mobility disability or vision loss, it is crucial to have a campus tour in order to determine the accessibility of the campus.

The Admissions and Student Recruitment Office will arrange tours of the campus. When making an appointment for a tour, it is important to indicate you have a disability and what particular aspects of the university you would like to be addressed during your tour. This ensures that you will find out as much as possible about the campus during your visit.

For information on campus tours contact , please visit the Admissions and Student Recruitment website.

If you require specific accommodations or you have specific questions about accessibility you can contact AccessAbility Services at (voice/TTY) 416-287-7560 or by email at .

Pre-visits to classrooms where your courses will be held are also important to determine the quickest and most accessible routes to take, size of classroom, seating arrangements, etc.

The staff in AccessAbility Services can guide you on a tour of your classrooms.

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