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AccessAbility Services Division of Student Affairs

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Service Description

Who We Are

The AccessAbility Services is a student service, academic service and University of Toronto (U of T) equity office on the U of T Scarborough campus.  Its principal function is to ensure that policies, practices, procedures and programs at the U of T Scarborough are inclusive to ensure the equal access to students with disabilities.

All U of T campuses (St. George, Mississauga and Scarborough) have a service for students with disabilities.  While they work independently, all three offices work closely to ensure that the services work within the frameworks of common objectives.  The Director of AccessAbility Services reports directly to the Dean of Student Affairs at U of T Scarborough.

What We Do

The office provides services and academic accommodations to students who have a documented learning, physical, sensory, mental health disability or medical condition.  Our services cater to the individual; we provide supports that are tailored to the student’s individual needs. 

AccessAbility Services also facilitates educational initiatives for faculty, staff, current students, potential students, student leaders, the University community and outside community.

The services available include, but are not limited to:

  • Counselling to develop strategies to succeed at university
  • Multiple format tests and exams
  • Notetaking
  • Transcription of print materials into multiple formats
  • Learning skills support for students with learning disabilities
  • Access to assistive technology
  • Encourage and facilitate inclusive practices and accessibility on campus
  • Outreach, education and disAbility resources
  • Referrals within the university and to community organizations
  • Work and volunteer opportunities such as invigilating, notetaking, Work-Study and tutor positions

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