Mobile WebOption

It's a mobile world and you're a student on the move. Why can't you use your mobile phone or iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad) to access your weboption lectures? Since January 2012, thousands of students have used the lecturecast mobile site to watch their lectures on WebOption.

Due to the number of devices, operating systems and video standards which exist, we currently only support iOS and Android. (Blackberry support is not currently available.) Please monitor your bandwidth usage CLOSELY if you decide to use your cellular connection to watch lectures otherwise you might incur SIGNIFICANT charges at the end of the month on your data plan.


iPads work very well too!

Note that not all courses will feature an audio version, only where it is logical to offer one: in mathematics or physics, for example, you need to follow what is being written on the board. The file size difference between audio and video is typically not a large one. For the few courses where the content is public, a podcast link is available so you can use iTunes.