About Us

The WebOption Lecturecasting service was created at the University of Toronto Scarborough to support students in their learning and is currently managed by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, (CTL). The service is offered to faculty members who choose to provide an additional learning resource for the benefit of their students. Instructors are not obliged to request WebOption for their course. Any request for the WebOption Lecturecasting service is solely the decision of the instructor. Recorded lectures are meant to serve as supplementary resources that are made available to students as soon as technically possible, usually within 24 hours. Typically, well over 100 courses are covered by the service every academic year.

Log in information required to access the participating WebOption Lecturecast videos is only used by the WebOption service to obtain various forms of data in order to determine overall usage.

WebOption videos are strictly the property and ownership of the instructors of the participating courses. Misuse of lecture content by means of audio or video copying is considered plagiarism, is strictly prohibited and protected by academic intellectual property ownership and copyright laws. All videos provided by the service are made for online viewing only and should not be used for personal recreational reasons.


Contact Us

For more information or to consult the WebOption Coordinator on how our service can be used for your course, please send us an email.