Title: Mercury concentrations and export from small central Canadian boreal forest catchments before, during, and after forest harvest
Author(s): Lam W.Y., Mackereth R.W., Mitchell C.P.J.
Publication Name: Science of the Total Environment
Title: An electrochemical aptamer sensor for rapid quantification sulfadoxine based on synergistic signal amplification of indole and MWCNTs and its electrooxidation mechanism
Author(s): Chen F.L., Feng X.Z., Han G.C., Kraatz H.B., Song K.H., Wang K.Z., Xu J.T.
Publication Name: Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
Title: Multisensory and biomechanical influences on postural control in children
Author(s): Cheung T.C.K., Schmuckler M.
Publication Name: Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
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