Title: The distribution of strike size: Empirical evidence from Europe and North America in the 19th and 20th centuries
Author(s): Campolieti M., Ramos A.
Publication Name: Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
Title: Towards real-time kinetic monitoring of wastewater treatment: A case study of sunlight and ozone treatment of unconcentrated wastewater using flow NMR
Author(s): Codina A., Decker V., Ghosh Biswas R., Helm P.A., Jenne A., Lane D., Lysak D.H., Majumdar R.D., Simpson A., Simpson M.J., Soong R., Tabatabaei-Anaraki M., Wu B., You X.
Publication Name: Chemical Engineering Journal
Title: A novel electrochemical immunosensor for hepatitis B surface antigen based on Fe3O4 nanoflowers and heterogeneous chain reaction signal amplification strategy
Author(s): Chen X., Hossain M.N., Huang H., Kraatz H.B., Li X., Liu T., Ni X., Zhang Y.
Publication Name: Talanta
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