Title: A deep-learning estimate of the decadal trends in the Southern Ocean carbon storage
Author(s): Grisouard N., He T.L., Wan Z., Zemskova V.E.
Publication Name: Nature Communications
Title: Coherent helicity-dependent spin-phonon oscillations in the ferromagnetic van der Waals crystal CrI3
Author(s): Buessen F.L., Gilinsky S., Kwock K.W.C., Lee M.C., McGuire M.A., Padmanabhan P., Paramekanti A., Prasankumar R.P., Singamaneni S.R., Tutchton R., Yarotski D.A., Zhu J.X.
Publication Name: Nature Communications
Title: Large emergent optoelectronic enhancement in molecularly cross-linked gold nanoparticle nanosheets
Author(s): Ahmed A., Dhirani A.A., Gravelsins S., Hyeong S.K., Lee S.K., Niewczas M., Park M.J.
Publication Name: Communications Chemistry
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