Title: Thirdhand smoke from tobacco, e-cigarettes, cannabis, methamphetamine and cocaine: Partitioning, reactive fate, and human exposure in indoor environments
Author(s): Abbatt J.P.D., Li L., Wania F., Yeh K.
Publication Name: Environment International
Title: Burst properties of the highly active FRB20201124A using uGMRT
Author(s): Bethapudi S., Gautam T., Hilmarsson G.H., Li D.Z., Lin H.H., Main R.A., Marthi V.R., Pen U.L., Spitler L.G., Wharton R.S.
Publication Name: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Title: Representation of spatial variability of the water fluxes over the Congo basin region
Author(s): De Benedetti M., Moore G.W.K., Xu X.
Publication Name: Sensors
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