Title: Anomalous collapses of Nares Strait ice arches leads to enhanced export of Arctic sea ice
Author(s): Brady M., Howell S.E.L., McNeil K., Moore G.W.K., Xu X.
Publication Name: Nature Communications
Title: Ligand modulation of the conformational dynamics of the A2A adenosine receptor revealed by single-molecule fluorescence
Author(s): Fernandes D.D., Gomes G.N.W., Gradinaru C.C., Li Y., Malik A., Neale C., Orazietti A.P., Pandey A., Scott Prosser R., Wang X., Ye L.
Publication Name: Scientific Reports
Title: Proof-of-principle experimental demonstration of twin-field quantum key distribution over optical channels with asymmetric losses
Author(s): Lo H.K., Qian L., Wang W., Zhong X.
Publication Name: npj Quantum Information
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