Title:Prevalence, Incidence, and Persistence of Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, and Comorbidity among Chinese Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Women: A Longitudinal Cohort Study
Author(s):Dennis C., Brown H., Wanigaratne S., Fung K., Vigod S., Grigoriadis S., Marini F., Brennenstuhl S.
Publication Name:Canadian Journal of Psychiatry
Title:Unique trajectories of anxiety among Chinese-Canadian women across the first postpartum year: A longitudinal cohort study
Author(s):Dennis C., Brennenstuhl S., Wanigaratne S., Brown H., Grigoriadis S., Marini F., Vigod S.
Publication Name:Journal of Affective Disorders
Title:Online social network response to studies on antidepressant use in pregnancy
Author(s):Vigod S., Bagheri E., Zarrinkalam F., Brown H., Mamdani M., Ray J.
Publication Name:Journal of Psychosomatic Research
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