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On-line self assessment package

Try the following on-line exercises to increase your understanding of yourself and to relate this knowledge to your career choices. Each of the sections below contains an exercise to explore that part of you. As this package is meant to help you begin career planning, after you finish it come and see a career counsellor for individual follow-up. The counsellor can help you interpret your results, brainstorm more career options and help clarify any questions. Please note the following:

  • Each exercise will take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1/2 hour to complete. There are four exercises. Your results will be more consistent if you do all the exercises in one sitting.
  • Once you complete each exercise, your results are then transferred to the Career Profile Summary. However, your results are not saved; once you exit this section of the website, the information is lost. Therefore, it is important for you to print out your results or use the "Send results to e-mail" option before you leave the self assessment section of this site.
  • Once you have completed all the exercises you may see patterns and themes that indicate potential career options. Look for common words and ideas among the four areas; these may give you some options.
  • If you need help with relating the results to specific career options, come and make an individual 1 hour career counselling appointment. Since this is the beginning, your end goal may not be clear and the counsellor can help clarify your options.

The following areas will be covered for your on-line self assessment:
  1. Skills : the learned ability to do something well
  2. Personal Qualities : characteristics and needs that drive your behaviour
  3. Interests : activities and things that you like to do, learn about and talk about
  4. Values : rewards, satisfaction and desirable qualities you seek in your occupation

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