VP Deans Notes

The VP Dean’s Office has moved towards more efficiently communicating with our membership - with a critical review of how we formalize and regularize our memoranda in the fall of 2015. The Chairs and Directors' (CAD) monthly meetings are one example of our points of communication, however they usually include substantive topics for discussion that are not always covered fully in the time span allotted. The DCD memos are also sent monthly via email and available online for reference.  The VP Dean’s Notes were proposed by the Dean's Group, as a means by which to communicate regular alerts, with links directing you to more information on the Dean’s website. This will be an iterative process, and we will welcome your input on it's roll out, and development.  We also will be happy to hear from you about subject areas that are of regular importance to you. and these may become future alerts to share.  Archived VP Deans Notes can be viewed online at VP Deans Notes Campaign Archive