UTSC Speakers Series

Professor Jeffrey Dvorkin, Lecturer, Senior Fellow Massey College and Program Director for Journalism at UTSC, leads off our Fall 2018 line-up with a informative discussion on what new critical skills and skeptical methods are needed to combat the tsunami of mis- and disinformation in an era of "fake news" and with increasingly dubious online content, how can our democratic systems survive - in his talk How the News Became "Uber-ized" (what it means for democracy...)

Great Explorations (previously the Snider Lecture Series) welcomes you to join us and hear from some of the campus' most renowned thinkers.  Building on our history of community engagement, Great Explorations offers an intellectually enriching experience that explores critical issues in the world today. 

Watch for information on our Spring 2019 sessions!  See you in April!!

Talks and Q&A run from: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Location: The Catalyst Centre, EV151-152 in the Environmental Science & Chemistry (EV on map) Building, 1065 Military Trail. Complimentary parking in Lots G and H will be provided - exit passes will be given out at the registration table, on the day of each event.  Refreshments will be served. Please contact ovpd@utsc.utoronto.ca or +1 (416) 287-7027 for more information.         

Take a look back at some of our engaging talks from 2017 & 2018!

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