U of T Scarborough Campus Farm Project Application

Located on the north side of campus, east of the Toronto Pan-Am Sports Centre, and beyond the Morningside Athletic Fields, is the U of T Scarborough Campus Farm. The 10-acre, brownfield site is dedicated to teaching, research, and community engagement on campus. For more information - Campus Farm

The U of T Scarborough Campus Farm provides faculty with the opportunity to use the farm as an outdoor classroom for lectures, seminars, tutorials, hands-on workshops/class field trips, and more.

The research plots provide faculty and their students an opportunity to carry out research studies on the Campus Farm. Each research plot is 5 metres x 5 metres.


Requests to use the Campus Farm will be reviewed by the Campus Farm Program and Steering Committees.

The Program Committee may include the following members:

  • Committee Chair
  • Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences (or designate)
  • Chair of the Department of Human Geography (or designate)
  • Chair of the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences (or designate)
  • Chair of the Department of Sociology (or designate)
  • Director of the Culinaria Research Centre (or designate)
  • 2 faculty members-at-large
  • 1 faculty member from a tri-campus unit with related expertise & interest (e.g., Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design)
  • 1 graduate student or post-doctoral fellow
  • 1 undergraduate student
  • 1 staff from Community Partnerships
  • 1 staff from the Doris McCarthy Gallery
  • Campus Farm Coordinator
  • U of T Scarborough Grounds Supervisor
  • (consultation with Occupational Health & Safety and AccessAbility Services)


The application deadline is December 20, 2021. If you have questions about the application form or how the farm can support your course or your research project, please contact Campus Farm Coordinator, Béatrice Lego, beatrice.lego@utoronto.ca


Teaching or Both Teaching & Research Projects
Research or Both Teaching & Research Projects
Independent Community Engagement specifically
Community Partnership

Please describe how much and/or type of space needed:

  • Growing area: Specify the number of 4’ x 12’ teaching raised beds OR the number of 5m x 5m research plots OR the total growing space in square feet / square meters
  • Observation/discussion area: indicate if specific location is to be used
  • Duration: include start/end dates (i.e. growing season starts on May 1 and ends on Oct. 31)
  • Type of habitat required for research project (e.g. field, pond, forest understory)
For Teaching or Both Teaching & Research Projects

Please list seed / seedlings / plants if course activities involve farming. Please verify the invasive and weed status of plant species at https://www.eddmaps.org/ontario/species/

For Research or Both Teaching & Research Projects


Every user of the Campus Farm is asked to sign a user agreement prior to starting work at the farm. The agreement sets a series of guidelines on the operation of the Campus Farm.