Tutoring and External Support

You might see flyers on campus or online that offer tutoring services and help with your coursework. While we all need help at times, please be careful using these services. In some cases, they provide an unfair academic advantage or use course materials without the permission of the university. U of T Scarborough takes this very seriously and you could get in trouble for any academic offence related to utilizing such a service.

Tutoring Practices that May Pose an Academic Offence Risk (adapted from UTM’s Academic Integrity Unit website):

  • Collaborating with others, or sharing assessed answers, on social media platforms.
  • Posting your assignment online, or sending it directly to your tutor, to get assistance answering the questions.
  • Having someone help you complete all or part of your essay/homework/problem set, whether or not you are paying for the service. This includes someone making changes for you during the editing process.
  • Using a translation service, software, or asking another individual to translate your assessed essay/homework into English.
  • Attending supplementary classes or using tutoring businesses can be highly problematic if they use your instructor's notes, slides, handouts, or other course material but are offered by individuals and businesses not formally affiliated with the University. There is also concern throughout the U of T Scarborough community about businesses that sell course-related tutoring services that write or edit students' assignments. While some learning support businesses are legitimate, others may lead you, even without intention, to violate U of T Scarborough's academic integrity policies.

Acceptable Tutoring Practices, Services, and Supports (adapted from UTM’s Academic Integrity Unit website):

  • Studying with a classmate or in a group is an acceptable practice, as long as you are not working together to solve homework problems, writing assignments, or other work that is going to be assessed individually.
  • Seeking the help of paid or volunteer tutors who are not affiliated with the University is acceptable - as long as they do not help you to complete your assessed work. Tutors should help you strengthen your knowledge of the subject area by clarifying concepts, and help you to improve your academic skills, such as time management.
  • Getting tutoring support by someone who speaks your first language is acceptable - as long as this individual does not help you to complete your assessed work. 
  • If you have questions regarding any coursework, attend the office hours of your Teaching Assistant or Professor for extra help.

Here is a handy guide on how to utilize UofT Scarborough on-campus support:


I don’t know how to start my essay

Visit The Writing Support Centre or utilize Library tutorials

I am worried about my English skills

Visit the English Language Development Centre

I need extra help with a lab or assignment

Talk to your Prof or your TA. Consider asking for an extension – your instructors want to help you!

I don’t know if I am citing my sources the right way

Ask your Prof or your TA. Alternatively, you may visit The Writing Support Centre or utilize Library tutorials

I need extra practice or studying help before the exam

Access the Old Exam Repository, ask your Prof or TA for help, or consider joining a facilitated study group (if offered for your course).

I have my friend’s/family member’s old assignments

Be careful not to copy them. Consider removing them from your computer. Ask your Prof or TA for help.

When in doubt… ask your Prof or TA! They want to help you.