SiR 2019 The Resemblage Project

The Resemblage Project: A Digital Intergenerational Storytelling Initiative

Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Charise, UTSC English and Health & Society

This project seeks five student researchers with interests in aging, older age, and intergenerational relations. Inspired by recent creative, health-related digital media projects, The Resemblage Project is a born-digital multimedia “text” that explores what it means to grow old in Toronto. This project invites students with technical skills (in website design, data assets management, and front- and back-end development) and creative interests (in generating original, dynamic, visual representations of aging as well as music/audio to accompany recorded interviews). Depending on their strengths and interests, students may also 1) edit and/or assist with recording interviews; 2) create original audio and/or creative visuals; 3) devise/revise original research questions for a grant proposal; and 4) compile resources concerning aging and intergenerational storytelling.

Media on The Resemblage Project - It's time to think differently about aging - Tina Adamopoulos - June 2019