Programs & Curriculum

Approval of proposed new programs and the review of existing programs at the University of Toronto is governed by the Policy for Approval and Review of Academic Programs and Units. The University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP) outlines the protocols for the assessment and approval of new programs, review of existing programs, modifications to existing programs, and closures of programs.

Tips and Guidelines

Call for Curriculum

2022-23 Curriculum Change Proposal Templates

Templates for all other types of proposal must be requested from the Academic Programs Officer - Annette Knott at or 416-208-4820, including the following:

Brand new programs - undergraduate or graduate, program closure - undergraduate or graduate, all types of major modifications (e.g., introducing a Freestanding Minor; introducing a new Major or Specialist where there is an existing Major or Specialist; adding or closing a formal stream in an existing program; major modifications to an existing program - undergraduate or graduate; introducing a new combined degree program; or introducing a new collaborative specialization), and introducing a new Minor where there is an existing Major or Specialist.