Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean

Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean staff posing in the HW-Wing upper cafeteria

Responsibilities of the Office

The Vice-Principal Academic & Dean (VP Dean) reports directly to the Vice-President & Principal, and is the senior academic officer at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  The Vice-Principal Academic & Dean consults with members of the campus on academic direction and policy, and is ultimately responsible to the Vice-President & Principal for all academic and administrative decisions within his/her/their jurisdiction and authority.  The VP Dean has campus-wide responsibility, and also works closely with the University Provost to ensure that there is coordination and alignment of U of T Scarborough's academic activities within the broader context of the University of Toronto.

Academic programming is the key driving force in the overall development of U of T Scarborough and its campus. Accordingly, the VP Dean is a key member of U of T Scarborough's Senior Leadership Team, and is actively involved not only in academic developments, but in the development of the campus itself. 19 Academic Department Chairs report to the VP Dean. In addition, the Chief Librarian, the Director of the Centre for Teaching & Learning, the Director Business Development & International Programs, and the Registrar of & Assistant Dean Enrolment Management, also report to the VP Academic & Dean.  Within the Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean, the Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs, Equity, & Success,  Vice-Dean Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies,  Vice-Dean Recruitment, Enrolment & Student Success, and Vice-Dean Teaching, Learning & Undergraduate Programs, all report directly to the VP Dean.  As well, the Associate Dean Experiential & Global Learning, Associate Dean Teaching & Learning, Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs & Curriculum, and the Assistant Dean also report directly to the VP Dean.

As the senior academic officer of one of the three campuses of the University of Toronto, the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean sits on several University boards and committees, meets regularly with Principals and Deans of other University faculties and campuses, and represents U of T Scarborough on Tri-Campus Committees.

The Vice-Principal Academic & Dean, provides leadership in academic programming and services, and ensures that the campus provides a positive and academically excellent environment that is responsive to change.  Within the broader University community, the VP Academic & Dean represents the policies and points of view of U of  T Scarborough, and makes independent judgments on University matters.  Within U of T Scarborough, the VP Dean promotes the teaching, research, and scholarship of the faculty, the career development of the administrative staff, and the over-all well-being of students.

The responsibilities of the Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean include oversight of faculty appointments and career progression, development and administration of academic policies, and development and review of academic departments and programs.  It is also responsible for management of the academic budget; and resolves all matters related to Academic Integrity.

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