New Frontiers Speaker Series

Led by the Graduate Student’s Association at Scarborough, and sponsored by the Office of the Vice-President and Dean Academic, the New Frontier Seminar Series welcomes speakers from all over the world - both top external researchers and UTSC faculty - to speak on their latest innovative research. Speakers are nominated by UTSC graduate students, who also run and host the annual series.

Upcoming NFSS Seminars - Dr. Ernesto Guzman - "The Collapse of Honey Bee Colonies

Thursday, February 20, from 12-1 pm in the Council Chambers (AA160).

Ernesto Guzman is a professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at Guelph University, head of the Honey Bee Research Centre and the Pinchin Family Chair in Honey Bee Health. His research focuses on identifying factors that affect honey bee health and behaviour. Ernesto Guzman is author and co-author of more than 250 publications including scientific and trade journal articles, as well as books, book chapters and summaries in conference proceedings.


Talk abstract: Honey bees pollinate crops and wild plants, and their services result in the production of more than 30% of the food we consume in Western societies. More than 30% of honey bee colonies have been lost yearly over the past 12 years, which has economic, ecological and agricultural implications. In this talk, I will present an overview of the potential causes of honey bee colony losses and about the research we are conducting at the University of Guelph to understand and cope with the problem.