New Faculty Orientation

UTSC’s New Faculty Orientation provides important practical information about the content, supports and responsibilities for full time faculty and librarians. 

The next session will be held August 7-9, 2019 - more information.


*** 2019 New Faculty Orientation - Agenda coming soon! ***



Archive - 2018 New Faculty Orientation - Agenda

Welcome to New Faculty Orientation (NFO) 2018

Maydianne Andrade, Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs & Equity

Welcome to Teaching at UTSC! Karen McCrindle, Clare Hasenkampf & David Chan - Centre for Teaching  & Learning (CTL)
Engaging Students by Design: Principles of Course and Assignment Design Sarah King & Sarah Fedko (CTL)
Integrated Course and Assignment Design Worksheets & Appendices  
UTSC's rich cultural diversity: Challenges & Opportunities Elaine Khoo (CTL), Maggie Roberts (CTL) & Karima Hashmani (Equity and DIversity Office)
Getting Started with Your Research Program at UTSC Zahra Bhanji - Office of the Vice-Principal Research
Building Teaching Excellence Janice Patterson & Elaine Khoo (CTL)
Teaching Grants & Awards Beyond UTSC Elaine Khoo (CTL)
Kick-starting your research program: (Anecdotal) Field-tested tips Maydianne CB Andrade - Biological Sciences and Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean (OVPD)
Kick Starting your Research Program Karina Vernon - English
Supporting Student Success: Students with Disabilities in the Educational Environment Colleen Reid - AccessAbility Services
Case Study - Faculty: Deadlines and Presentations CTL
NFO: Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA&CC) Jen Tigno (AA&CC)
Health & Wellness Centre (HWC) - Overview of Services for New Faculty Tracey Beech-Gauthier (HWC)
Academic Integrity at the University of Toronto Scarborough Mark Schmuckler, Vice-Dean Undergraduate & Nisha Panchal (OVPD)
Purchasing: Options, Obligations, and Support Sheila Baker - Financial Services
Professional Expense Reimbursement (PERA) - Policies & Guidelines Handout - no presentation
Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Centre Colleen Boehme
Ready, Set, Engage: Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment Nancy Johnston (CTL) & Karima Hashimi (Equity and Diversity Office)
Building A Dynamic Course Using Educational Technologies & Quercus Johann Bayer & Adon Irani
Research Ethics in the Social Sciences & Humanities Dean Sharpe - Office of Research Ethics
Introduction to the UTSC Library UTSC Librarians
Information Technology Services Abdulrauf Gehani (IITS)
Working with Your Teaching Team Sheryl Stevenson - Office of the Vice-Dean Graduate & David Chan
Description of Duties and Allocation of Hours Handout - DDAH Form
TA Training Day at UTSC Handout - Schedule
Best Practice Policies Rules Course Delivery Zohreh Shahbazi - Mathematics & CTL
Mentorship: Importance and Best Practices Vina Goghari - Psychology
Mentorship: Importance and Best Practices Handout - Note taking (incl Mentor and Mentee's Dos & Don'ts
Building and Documenting your Teaching Expertise Clare Hasenkampf - U of T President's Teaching Academy
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Research Awards & Honour

Monica Caverson (OVP

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