May 1, 2018 - The War on Translation: Arabic and the production of Islamophobia

Professor Atiqa Hachimi, Women's & Gender Studies



Professor Atiqa Hachimi of the Departments of Historical and Cultural Studies, and Linguistics, at U of T discusses the ways in which translation of Arabic material is a site of ideological distortion that feeds the global Islamophobic campaigns in her upcoming talk - The War on Translation: Arabic and the production of Islamophobia.  She analyses the high-profile case of an Arab-Canadian graduate student who was fired from his job at Ryerson University for allegedly making Anti-Semitic statements, while leading prayers in Arabic, in a Toronto mosque where he served as a junior Imam. The global circulation of the English translation of these prayers by Islamophobic networks, and their translation back into Arabic by the Arabic media, will be discussed. She argues for critical reflection on knowledge production about Islam and its circulation in a globalized and highly mediatized age.