Growing Left/Right Political Divide in Canada and the U.S.

Great Explorations at UTSC with guest speaker Chris Cochrane

Professor Chris Cochrane is the author of Left and Right: The Small World of Political Ideas and is co-author of Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches. He is also co-investigator of Digging Into Linked Parliamentary Data, an international and interdisciplinary collaboration investigating the written records of parliamentary speech in Canada, the UK and The Netherlands. Dr. Cochrane’s main interest is ideology and political disagreement in Canada and other democratic countries.

May 1 - The Growing Left/Right Political Divide in Canada and the United States:  Under the microscope of U.S. media coverage, the political environment in the United States seems unusual. But is it? Are we really that different in Canada? How do both countries compare when it comes to an historical and cross-national perspective of politics in a democracy?


<Photographer - Kevin Kelly>