Faculty/Staff FAQ

Faculty/Staff FAQ

Yes, these cases involve:

  • Offences in petitions (Registrar’s Office)
  • Offences in exam irregularities in deferred exams (Registrar’s office)
  • Offences in exams supervised by AccessAbility Services.


The following documentation is required with every allegation submitted: allegation form, course syllabus, assignment instructions, student's assignment in question, student's grades in course, and a detailed description of allegation. Refer to the Faculty Guide on Supporting Documentation for more guidance.

Please note that it is the instructor and/or department’s responsibility to provide all supporting documentation to the Academic Integrity Office. Failure to provide all supporting documentation up front may delay the processing of the case.



Once you have sent the allegation form along with supporting evidence and document to the Chair for review, submit a grade of GWR for the student on eMarks. GWR stands for Grade Withheld Pending the Review of an Alleged Academic Offence.  

If the suspected offence occurred at the end of the term and final course grades are due before you have a chance to meet with the student, submit a grade of GWR for the student and send out an invitation to the student to meet with you.


When the case is resolved and a sanction is imposed you will receive a letter specifying the sanction or resolution for the Academic Integrity Office. Please amend or restore the student’s grade via eMarks within 30 days of receiving this letter via email. You may also need to coordinate with the Chair or Chair’s assistant to ensure the grade change is approved. If you have any questions about this process, check with your department.


Students are responsible for the decisions they make. However, clarifying grey areas is always helpful for students. Clear, specific statements in syllabi, assignment and exam instructions, and class slides about what is and is not allowed in coursework are important. The Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation and the Centre for Teaching and Learning (U of T Scarborough) have many supports available for instructors that can help deter future offences.