Faculty Development and Diversity

University of Toronto faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows can register with their University of Toronto email address to access the National Centre for Faculty Development and Diversity (NFCDD)'s free, online professional development resources below. In addition, full time, permanent faculty can apply for a Faculty Success Program or Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program Sponsorship.

NCFDD’s free online resources:

FSP Alumni Program (for graduates of the Faculty Success Program, below)

Faculty Success Program / Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program Sponsorships

UTSC faculty wishing to participate in the Faculty Success Program or Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program can apply for reimbursement of early bird tuition fees.  Both programs are offered three times per year (Fall, Spring, Summer)

  • Eligibility:
    • Faculty Success Program: Full time permanent faculty at UTSC who have not previously enrolled in the Faculty Success Program.
    • Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program: Full time permanent faculty at UTSC who have completed the Faculty Success Program
  • Internal application deadline for the Spring 2020 program: October 16, 2020. 
    • Applications for Fall, Spring or Summer sessions can be submitted any time (prior to the session’s internal application deadline).
  • Application process:
  1. Please submit the following to DeanHR@utsc.utoronto.ca prior to the internal application deadline:
    • Approval from Department Chair to reimburse 10% of early bird program fees from departmental funds.
    • A brief statement committing to completing the 12-week online program.
    • The name of the program being applied for (Faculty Success Program or Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program)
    • The session being applied for (Fall, Spring or Summer)
  2. Once notified that an application has been approved, faculty must register, paying tuition fees in full by the early bird deadline. Faculty must then contact their departmental business officer to initiate reimbursement.

Questions can be directed to Eileen Egan-Lee, Faculty Development Administrator.

Did you know?

Faculty who complete the Faculty Success Program may enroll in the FSP Alumni Program at no charge using their FSP username and password.  The Alumni Program offers a continued online source of support and access to three Q&A style FSP Alumni-Only Group Coaching calls per session, facilitated by FSP Master Coaches.  The Alumni Program is offered three times per year (Fall, Spring, Summer); Alumni can enroll as often as they’d like.