Arts and the Future of Health: From Research to Activism

Great Explorations at UTSC with guest speaker Andrea Charise

Professor Andrea Charise is the lead developer and instructor of Canada’s fi rst undergraduate curriculum in Health Humanities. Recognized for her scholarship in literary studies with the 2014 Polanyi Prize for Literature, Dr. Charise has more than 15 years of experience as a medical researcher, primarily in geriatrics. She is the Founding Director and Principal Investigator of SCOPE: the Health Humanities Learning Lab, and was named 2016 Professor of the Year by The Underground, U of T Scarborough’s student journal.

April 3 - Arts and the Future of Health: From Research to Activism: An emerging field of health research is demonstrating that humanities and arts-based learning can help healthcare professionals improve their capacity to think critically, and become more reflective and sensitive practitioners. Is this a boon for consumers, health professionals and proponents of the arts, too?

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