April 9, 2019 - Reimagined Reconciliations: Social finance answers the call?

Great Explorations: Reimaging Reconciliation Social Finance Answers the Call

Jeff Cyr, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, Grand Challenges Canada

Abstract: Since 2015, Canada, Canadians, and Indigenous Canadians have been on the journey of reconciliation. While many people and organizations purport to support reconciliation, very few have a concept of what that means and even fewer have any idea about what actions to take. What we believe is that reconciliation happens through very practical measures that solve common problems in the lives of Indigenous people, empower Indigenous actors, shift the power dynamics, and put decision-making in the hands of Indigenous people. As such, Raven has built Canada’s first and only community-driven outcomes contract, which centres the community, empowers the community, and uses social finance to respond to this call to action.

Jeff Cyr, Managing Partner, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners; VP Indigenous, Grand Challenges Canada

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