Academic Plan

In 2014, the academic planning process began with academic units each drafting their own academic plans, in consultation with their faculty and departmental student associations. Drafts of their plans were reviewed and responded to by the Dean's Office during the year, and in the Fall of 2015, each unit received a formal response from the Dean.  The Dean then held a retreat in 2016, with both the Vice-President and Principal, and Vice-Principal Research, present to discuss the major themes emerging from the unit plans. This discussion was a starting point for the campus academic plan. 

A final draft of the plan was shared with the Campus Executive, Chairs and Directors, the Head Librarian, the Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the Directors of the Co-op Offices, Director of Financial Services, and the Director of Academic Advising and Career Centre for their input.  We received very helpful and constructive feedback and incorporated this into the final draft of the plan that was then submitted to the Provost's Office.  <Excerpt from Univeristy of Toronto Scarborough - Academic Plan 2015-2020>   Here is that Academic Plan 2015-20: