Global Work Opportunities

Centre for Critical Development Studies offers students internships with non-governmental organizations in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka with scholarships ($6000) through the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Program. This is a unique opportunity to develop professional and intercultural skills. 

Co-op programs give you on-the-job learning within full-time, salaried work terms in industries, organizations and businesses relevant to your field of study. Students gain unique work experiences with top employers across the globe.  

Live, work, and study among entrepreneurs in Asia’s hottest innovation ecosystem. This program provides mentorship for aspiring student entrepreneurs by providing them with access to entrepreneurship-focused courses and resources and by facilitating work experiences with start-ups. 


“I spent this summer in Nairobi, Kenya, working to develop a retinoblastoma educational tool for affected families, through the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QES) program. Working and living in Kenya for three months has allowed me to grow personally and professionally, all whilst exploring a new city, making new friends, and engaging in thought provoking dialogue. Although challenging at times, this experience has been incredibly eye-opening in regard to how global health issues are tackled, the challenges that are often encountered along the way, and what can be done in response.”

- Ashna Hudani: Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program – Nairobi, Kenya