Global Research Abroad

Research placements are available at international partner universities during the summer term where students earn a credit, receive funding, and gain valuable international and research experience 

Allows science students to complete a research course at one of several prestigious research facilities located overseas.  Students will collaborate with colleagues from other countries and explore problems of a global nature.   

Provides $6000 for senior undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in Canada to conduct 12-24-week research projects at universities overseas. Students will be working closely with professors at both host university and at UofT to gain valuable experience.  


"Participating in the Research Abroad was a unique experience. I gained value people skills. I learned a lot about cultural diversity and how to communicate professionally with people. Coming back home, I also felt like I was more confident in terms of being myself and living on my own. It allowed me to explore myself and discover what other fields I was interested in, and such discoveries has given me the skills and competencies to be resilient in an ever-changing environment.” 

- Helen Ki: Summer Research Exchange Program – University of Hong Kong