Scams targeting international students

The International Student Centre has heard of several scams (fraud) that are targeting international students.  Someone may call and say that they are from Immigration Canada or Canada Revenue Agency or the police and say that you must make a payment or you will be deported. They may talk or threaten until you make a payment.

While there is no way that these fraudsters can know you are an international student (they call Canadians too), here are some things that you should know in order to better protect yourself:

  • UTSC provides you with FREE Immigration advising and application help (for Study & Work Permits, Visas, Permanent Residence, and Citizenship)
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Immigration, Refugees and Cititzenship Canada (IRCC), and Canadian Border Services (CBSA) will not call you, and will not ask for money or personal information by phone.  If you call them, you will have to identify yourself.
  • Never feel like you need to pay anyone money right away.  Ask for an employee number and hang up.  You can call back the company (find their number online) and ask about your situation to confirm.
  • Be suspicious of anyone asking you to make a payment by bitcoin
  • Hover over weblinks to check if they will actually go where they say, and hover over email addresses to check if they're real
  • If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam/fraud, you should report this to the police in the region where you live (e.g. Toronto Police Services).  You can also inform Campus Police

If you're not sure about something, WAIT.  Come to the International Student Centre (HL-448) and meet with a Transition Advisor.  We can help you understand what's happening.