Writing Support

Student and writing instructor.

CTL Writing Support works with students at all stages of assignment development: from brainstorming and developing an outline to constructing introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions, to citation, referencing, editing and proofreading. We offer individual consultations as well as writing groups, workshops and clinics. 

We emphasize writing as a process, and we teach techniques writers can use at every stage in the process.


Can I email my work to CTL Writing Support and have someone correct it for me?

The face-to-face (in-person and online) contact involved in writing tutorials is very important. You take the time to bring your work in and we take the time to sit down with you, read what you’ve written, and give you feedback on it. Our focus is on helping you to become a better writer, not on editing or correcting student work. It is the process that we engage in with you that helps you to understand how to improve your writing and become a better writer.

I know I have grammar errors in my writing but I don't know how to correct them. Can someone help me recognize my mistakes and teach me to fix them so that I don't make the same errors again and again?

Absolutely! Bring in a piece of writing and we will help you identify your errors and teach you to recognize and correct them. Remember that learning to write correctly takes time and dedication. We will focus on only one or two errors per appointment, so depending on the number of errors you may need more than one appointment. You will also need to work on your writing skills between appointments.